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Matt Rutherford's Solo Circumnavigation of the Americas

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Were you able to sail through the entire North West Passage? Any sign of Lord Franklin or his gallant crew?

    Keep your ears open for those Sirens and remember to keep a couple of beers at the ready as they might be thirsty.

    You are amazing….Neal

  2. Way to go Matt! Best wishes from an old salt. I wish you the very best and know that tons of people are keeping track of you. Fair winds.

  3. Your voyage is inspiring. . I eagerly await your posts…
    Bon voyage… Sounds like the cruising bug will always be with you..

  4. Hey Matt,
    Just a message of encouragement. Everyone back here is behind you all the way. You know that Annapolis is a drinking town with a sailing problem, so I hope the wind is with you all the way. We are all thinking of you.
    Keep it up,

  5. As an 80 year old senior and a retired sailor I envy you and this magnificent achievement. I wish you fair winds and safe journey.

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  7. Don’t know how I missed this until now. As the lead sponsor of the Americans With Disabilies Act, and avid sailor, I am delighted to learn of CRAB, and enthused by Matt’s incredible voyage. I need to know this: when will Matt be coming by Elbow Cay in the Bahamas? He has to go by it, if you look at his track from present position to Chesapeake . Elbow Cay is Lat. 26^35′ N, Long. 76^57’W(Hopetown, the settlement on Elbow Cay). Possible I may be able to take a powerboat to rendevous with him. How can I keep good track of his location when he approaches Elbow Cay?

    1. Tom,
      You can contact Matt’s sailing guardian angel, Simon Edwards, at

      I do not know if Matt will have time to meet up with you there. He is working hard to make it back in one piece. And, if you do meet up with him, there are serious rules that he must obey: no one may board his vessel and he can not leave St. Brendan; he can not tie up to a boat that has dropped anchor, and he can not tie up to a boat that has its engine running. There may be other rules, but I am just Mom and might be unaware of those rules. Ask Simon or contact CRAB through their website.

      If you do meet up with Matt, you might want to find out if he needs anything. He is living off of freeze dried foods and might enjoy something fresh.

      Thank you for your interest,
      Spicewood, TX

      1. You can keep track of him on his website’s GPS map. The GPS pings the satellite on the hour, but the results get posted to the website at about 15-18 minutes past the hour usually. If you click on the red dot on the map, it will show you his latitude and longitude.

        You could take him hot pizza and a six pack of good beer!

  8. Matt,
    I have been following your trip for many months and have been riveted by your adventure! You have great courage and great patience out in the open seas, it is amazing. I have contributed to your cause, CRAB, and I am hoping to greet you (with my teenage kids) when you arrive in Annapolis in April. Where exactly do you hope to end this phenomenal trip? As an avid sailor and adventurer, I hope you consider contacting the Smithsonian and the National Geographic to set up lectures, so that you can share your experience with the public. I remember going to one many years ago with two guys that biked across all of the continents of the world over a 4-5 year period, it was also quite amazing. I look forward to meeting you!
    Barton Rubenstein

  9. Matt,
    I cannot believe I am just learning about your adventure. I envy your spirit of adventure and wish you safe passage. Good luck and keep on going. Best wishes.
    The Carhart Family

  10. Had a good conversation with Matt last week. He is not coming near Elbow Cay, so will not be able to take him anything. What a remarkable young man-he is in good spirits and looking forward t the finish. I am going to speak about him and his journey on the Senate floor at about 4pm today, Thursday, March 29. You can catch it on CSPAN.

    1. Thank you, Senator Harkin! I saw your CSPAN video about Matt, and I cried when you compared him to Joshua Slocum! Joshua Slocum is Matt’s hero. I hope you will be able to meet Matt in person; he will have many stories to tell.

      Thanks again,
      Mom/Marlowe Macintyre

  11. Matt, your Uncle Scott and Aunt Betsy got us hooked on following your journey. You are an amazing young man and we are proud of you. Our daughter Lindsey wants to meet you. You actually saw her when she was a baby and you were 8. You are second cousins. Your grandfather was Larry’s favorite uncle. Edward was a good man and I am sure he would be extremely proud of you. Wish we can be at CRAB when you arrive in April. Keep up the good work!
    Carol Hardy of Danville, California ( we live near your Uncle Scott)

  12. hi mat, i have been following your voyage with great interest, being a long time sailor myself. congratulations, you fall into the great sailor league, will always be remembered and hope you continue. I must say i am terribly disappointed by the american people, firstly here we have a hero a great hero and remarcable acheivement, with millions of boaties in america i find the support misserable, 300 people online watching your arrival and hardly 100000 dollars for a good caurse, for the richest nation on earth. iether they are blind or indifferant i dont know but i would be saddly dissapointed if i were you. I have a sailing boat on the mediterranean if ever you would like too crack a few bears you are wellcome. Good Sailing, Jim

  13. Amazing adventure. I am truly impressed, on many levels. I’m a beginner sailor in Baltimore, be sure and let people know if you plan on teaching any classes now that you’re back…would be great to learn from someone with the experiences you have had. Glad you made it home safe.

    Angela Spring

  14. Heart of Oak and Balls of Bronze!

    I sail Albin Vega 1039. on the West Coast of British Columbia. You’ll always be welcome at my Home on Hornby Island. I’d be honored if you’d consider visiting our small island here to inspire our young people with a few words – encouraging them to dream beyond their computer keyboards and TVs.

    You are a real-life Adventure Channel.

    Keep the heart-fires burning. You’re a man among men.

    Thank you,

    Kevin Woods
    Hornby Island
    British Columbia.

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