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  1. Just wanted to wish you smooth sailing and I hope have a wonderful experience.

  2. Okay, what’s the story that goes with the picture of your hand? Your hand looks like it belongs to a zombie. Are you okay? I remember how white your hands and toes used to get when you were a kid — if you were cold and wet they turned stark white.

    And, what about the pic of the gouge in your finger? Has that healed up okay? I can easily picture you sewing that up without any pain killer. Remember the time you were cleaning that machinery and sliced through your arm? By the time you showed it to me, you had already rinsed the dirty oil, bits of metal and blood out of the wound. The doctor at the ER said you did a fine job prepping the wound for him to suture. I think you were maybe 13 or 14 at the time.

    Any itchy scalp mold/fungus this trip?

    I hope you are using your life lines. It sounds like it would be easy to get cocky and forget about personal safety. It is scary to read about you getting tossed up in the air.

    Do I sound like a mother? Okay, I will back off. I think that most of us who are safe at home do not realize how dangerous a voyage of this nature can become in the twinkling of an eye. And, just because you are out of the Arctic, it does not mean that you are out of danger. Remember when you spent 100 days biking all over southeast Asia alone? Remember some of the dangers there — remember the “Braveheart incident”? I remember that you made it safely back to the states and then broke your arm while hanging a flag in the dorm at Eagle Rock School! So, keep vigilant, my boy.

    I love you. When I listened to the broadcast that was on the radio in Alaska, I teared up. It was great to hear your voice. It was wonderful to hear your joy and enthusiasm. I even laughed out loud! Stay safe, love, Mom

  3. Well done, a brave man!

    We are all watching you from our armchairs in the UK!

    Fair winds & Tides

    Steve Birch Vega “Southern Comfort” V1703

  4. Hello Matt, What a accomplishment this will be. I have been following you since you started, and I keep posting it on facebook to all my friends. I’ll try to get lot’s of donation’s sent your way. Will your log be your Book? or will you tweek it when your done? Good luck!!!!! cousin, I am a little jealous.

  5. Matt there are a lot of Vega owners around the worked cheering you on. Fairwinds to you….
    s/v Victory -V715
    Stockton Harbor, Maine USA

  6. Matt: Thanks for keeping us updated. I want to share your story with readers of our sailing club Newsletter, by quoting two paragraphs and sharing a picture of your Albin Vega in the ice flow — with links to your blog and a plug for CRAB of course. I hope you’ll think that’s OK. I”m not actually sure how else to contact you! Inspiring sailing; thanks.

  7. Hey there Matt – As a farming family and life-long land-lubbers, it’s amazing to read your inspiring story! Our days include feeding our cows and horses, milking the cows and cleaning up after all the animals. Although our winter has been mild, there are still the daily frustrations of broken down equipment, frozen water lines, animals that require veterinary care and follow-up treatments. It’s not hard to imagine how desolation may creep in, as even on a bad day we have our animals to turn to! It is interesting to read how you enjoy the interaction you’ve had with the different animals and birds that you encounter at different times. I have enjoyed reading your article in Cruising World and wish you the best of luck – God bless!

  8. Hi Matt!

    Congratulations on touring the Americas! Wish I could sail with you. Maybe, since you’re a Cleveland Brown fan the club will send you a donation for your brave cause. I too, am a Cleveland Browns fan being that’s my home town. Sail on, Matt, and bring yourself and old glory home safely. Our prayers for your success!

    Jim Wolan

  9. Hey there Matt,
    In a word… fortitude. Congrats on a crazy journey nearing completion. (not trying to jinx you!) I just hope you have a working EPIRB just in case. I’ve been sailing for 25 years myself, and am in awe of your journey. It’s cool that you’re doing it, something like what I might do and the way I’ve lived, at least as a ski bum/instructor, bartender, ski/board/bike salesman, motorcycle re-builder, etc.
    Carpe diem for sure. Sometimes I think you’re crazy and sometimes I’m a bit envious. Your boat and the preparations made pre departure scare me, but I guess you didn’t have enough money to buy spare parts or a boat that didn’t leak.

    I believe you even gave a seminar at my sailing club, West River, in Galesville, MD before you began your epic journey. Here’s a small world for you: Terry Hutchinson and I won the same award for “Best Mate” @ WRSC sailing school only 3-4 years apart (he won it 2 years in a row, after my 2nd year in SS, I took one off and came back to teach for 2 seasons there.) It’s pretty cool that a “West River Kid” is now driving for Sweden in the A/C challenge
    I just hope you don’t pull a Ken Read via the V70 “Puma” he drives and have to ditch for Barbados for safety.

    Good luck, take care, and safe sailing.

  10. Dear Matt,

    wishing you a save and smooth lst bit of your voyage!
    I read about you in germany’s leading sailing magazine “Yacht” and I wanted to congratulate you on an amazing trip. I am also sailing a boat of similar size, an Ohlson 8:8 and am very encourged, now that I see what can be done with a boat of our size!
    Have a great last bit of your trip and all the best… from the office!
    Gordon Debus

  11. This is the supposed “easy leg,” but I think of all the stuff to run into and all the stuff that can run into you. Don’t let your guard down. Best, Don

  12. Best of luck you make me want to sail off ionto the sunset, or to warmer places.
    Cold here in Canada.
    Great seeing where you have gone.

    1. Hello Matt, What a accomplishment this will be. I have been fowoillng you since you started, and I keep posting it on facebook to all my friends. I’ll try to get lot’s of donation’s sent your way. Will your log be your Book? or will you tweek it when your done? Good luck!!!!! cousin, I am a little jealous.

  13. what a brave soul! that makes me eager to go sail! yesterday was my birthday, i thought you would finish then. i was in your moms class in 3rd grade. i heard the big news and wanted to comment.

  14. will a video be available of his landing and the reception?
    Brian McConnell
    Congrats a job well done

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