Matt on Al Roker tomorrow morning (April 25th)

Matt will be on Wake Up with Al on the Weather Channel at 6:40 EST and then again on Your Weather Today at 7:40am EST on the same channel.

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  1. Mike,
    Thanks for posting this. It is exactly a week ago now that Matt was 8 miles from the finish line, then beaten back down to Virgina Beach, struggling all night to keep St. Brendan from running aground twice, and was unable to sleep for 4 days straight! What a difference a week makes!

  2. Loved the interview. Wish I had exact quote regarding your comments re: Al’s question about how you managed being wet, cold, alone… where you addressed the issue of focus. I am using your remarks (as I remember them) in a blog today.

    You hit the nail on the head for anyone dealing with a “big” problem. You might find the blog interesting. Your contribution appreciated!

    Many thanks!!

    1. Hi, Nancy!
      I’ve enclosed a clip of Matt’s interview with Al Roker this morning. Go down to the comment sent in by Kate, and I’ve posted the link you can use to access the “Wake Up With Al” show! Matt does talk about how he had to focus, and not think about anything but what he was dealing with at that moment!!! You’ll probably be able to get his “exact quote” after listening to it!!

      Carol Florida U.S.A.
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  3. I would like to request another post from Matt if possible 🙂 Maybe just something to sum up the trip and a bit of reflection? Not now, but perhaps in a week or two. It would be nice to read his thoughts on the trip after he gets some much needed rest!

    1. Matt spoke about posting in about a week. My guess is that he will continue regularly to post.

  4. Just saw the interview with Matt and Al Roker, he looked so presentable all cleaned up and with shoes on. Way to go Matt! So Matt, I don’t “prefer” the cold weather, but if I had the chance I’d go with you as crew to the Northwest Passage.

  5. I take my hat of to Matt Rutherford – I have been following his journey for quite a while now from Ireland – the home of the original St. Brendan. Is there room in the Smithsonian for this St. Brendan? Well done ! Well done !

    1. Ah Fergus! there should be…but it is amazing how LITTLE coverage this has received……I hope more people learn of Matt’s epic voyage. Maybe we have lost the call and wonder of the wild .
      THE BRENDAN VOYAGE, author Tim Severin is really a wonderful story, great and fascinating read and I commend it to all who have loved Matt’s story…..I bet Matt knew of it!

      I’d love the picture of the boat at peace as the sunset last Sat(blue heron took)…..and if there is a clip of him with AL love to see that as well. That’s what I get for not checking as I did when he was still at sea.

      I am delighted to hear he may keep us a little in the loop here Marlowe. What a son! His humility on Sat. and his way of speaking was an echo of his writing. I was so impressed with our 21st century navigator/sailor!


      1. For Kate, and anyone who didn’t get to see this morning’s show . . . here is a short clip from The Weather Channel’s “Wake Up With Al” show this morning. Most of us didn’t know it was on until it was too late to watch! They had him on around 6:00 AM and again after 7:00 AM.

        I don’t know how long the interview was, but I would guess that there is more to it since what I saw, before it cut out was great, but he didn’t get to mention C.R.A.B. or the reason for his trip (wanting to bring attention to that program for people with disabilities to have the opportunity to learn to sail!!)

        Matt’s all scrubbed, and his hair is cut, and he has new clothes and shoe on!!. He has a really nice voice, too!!!

        If the video doesn’t come up shortly after the ad, click on: “Sailing the Americas Alone”

        Enjoy! (And, if I find any longer version (this one is 3:19) I’ll post it here!!)

        Carol Florida U.S.A.
        * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      2. Many thanks Carol….he looked so squeakey clean and SO in possession of himself…..a natural.


  6. Could someone fill us in as to what happened after crossing the “finish” line? Did the boat anchor in Norfolk? Did the engine get fixed?

    1. Not sure where the boat anchored or if it actually did anchor. We have made arrangements for an Annapolis great, Dick Vosbury, Volvo diesel mechanic, to start the engine in a few days. Senator Harkin wants Matt to take him for a ride on St. Brendan, so she needs to be ready.

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