Please Help C.R.A.B.

C.R.A.B. seriously needs your help as we count down the minutes until Matt Rutherford steps ashore for the first time since….. when he took off on a journey few thought he could complete.

The enormity of Matt’s accomplishment, being the first to sail the America’s single-handedly and non-stop, has brought national and international attention that, frankly, exceed our organization’s budget and staff.

The volunteer support has been unbelievable.  Please join us Sat., April 21, on City Dock near the Sailing Hall of Fame at 11:30 a.m. to welcome Matt back to land! If you can’t make it in real time, watch a livestream video of the ceremony on this website!

Can you help today? Even a little bit? If everyone pitches in to help defray some of these costs, we’ll be fine. But we really need you to donate something now.

Doug Kinny and the crew of Godspeed offered to match contributions to Matt’s Challenge for C.R.A.B. so your $25 donation will mean $50; $500 will be realized if you contribute $250.

Think of the 25,000 miles Matt traveled so that people with disabilities could experience sailing. Dig deep.

Thank you,

C.R.A.B. volunteers

9 thoughts on “Please Help C.R.A.B.”

  1. PLEASE HELP . . . every little bit will make a difference, so do what you can!!!

    If we stop and think about how engaged, and entertained, we’ve all been over these last 10 months of Matt’s courageous voyage, the very least we can do is to show our appreciation by helping to support the reason for his taking on this dangerous trip!! And, by doing so, we salute both his bravery, and, his generous commitment to such a worthwhile cause!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  2. Donation is in! Will be glued to the computer on Saturday to watch this historic accomplishment unfold. Thank you for doing this for those of us not able to be present.

  3. Hi. I would love to help CRAB by performing for one of your events. I could do a solo performance. I’m a veteran Blues Rock Artist. I have a boat on the Magothy at Magothy Marina. I can be contacted at 215 257 1006 Harry( Flamin Harry)

    1. Incredible. I LOVE the ones at the tire swing and by the back of the barn with the tree- what am I saying I love all of them! Neither of us are very phtigoenoc but these pics are just great- they capture the farm and our personalities!

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