A Difficult Journey to the Very Last

Eight miles from the finish line and Matt runs out of wind to power his sails!  The tide is pushing him south, backwards towards the Virginia shore.  Northeast winds are predicted soon which will bring him into the Bay. With little wind and no motor, Matt is working hard to finish his journey.

For the past several days, Matt has had very little sleep as he was close to shipping lanes and needed to keep a lookout, and, also to handle the boat.  So, he is very tired but his spirits are still strong.

CRAB’s 31-foot work boat, Dr. Rosemary, piloted by Pat Teeling, will intercept Matt and St. Brendan soon.  Despite Mother Nature’s backward push, Matt is determined to step foot on land for the first time on April 21, Saturday at noon at Annapolis’ City Dock.  We hope you can be there to join in the celebration!

Stay tuned for the final leg of the home stretch!

32 thoughts on “A Difficult Journey to the Very Last”

  1. Unbelievable. I thought you were messing around Matt! May the wind blow
    Close that loop!

  2. Larry and I are keeping close tabs on your progress via the internet here at our home base in New Zealand. We know how difficult it is to be so close to your goal then run out of wind or be set away by the currents and tide. But never have we been away from land for more than 49 days so know your frustration must be extreme. Keep up the fine work. Wish we could be there to greet you when you step ashore. Thanks for helping CRAB, they are a great group. look forward to meeting you when we are at Annapolis in October.

    Lin Pardey

  3. Matt,

    You don’t know me, but I’m traveling in the morning and unfortunately I’ll miss your MOST TRIUMPHANT arrival in Annapolis on Saturday. I see that you just headed north again towards the mouth of the Chesapeake to give it another try. I can’t wait to check in at O’dark early to find you officially in the record books!! I have been checking in every day since the Post article, this is amazing! My teenage daughter just said that you are just like Columbus! Matt can you believe what you’ve accomplished? and how many people you have made a positive impact on? Enjoy the celebration you deserve it! CHEERS! Rick in VA.

  4. Thanks for the up-date Mike. I do feel better now, knowing the reason for the U-turn.
    Bytheway – you have done an incredible job during this entire venture. Great communication effort. A 1000 thanks – and kind thoughts ! Tore.

  5. When will the WORKBOAT from Crab arrive? Does Matt have power for lights? Is there anyone nearby with a boat to run along side him in the dark to help watch for other vessels? This will be a very long night for all concerned.


  6. Thank you so much, Mike. Like most people, I was glued to my laptop yesterday. Jeez! SO CLOSE. I had the bubbly chilled, ready to toast his extraordinary accomplishment, but fortunately didn’t open it. Maybe today. I also applaud you for your wonderful contribution of this blogsite.

    1. ok – that was a funny story – not the frustration part, but you could definitely tell he was enjoying the beers 🙂 I wonder if the Dr. Rosemary should be stocked with tylenol?

      Almost there Matt! Put the lighthouse in your rearview!

      1. Potrebbe anche non essere afftato male ma voglio aspettare qualche news in pi anche per la trama ed il game play. Comunque devo dire che mi sembra che qualcosa si stia muovendo.

  7. Matt, Senator Harkin spoke about your trip on the Senate floor AGAIN this week. Also, he tweeted about it yesterday and actor Alec Baldwin re-tweeted it. There may be other name re-tweets. You have a lot of folks pulling for you.

  8. “only the mountain has lived long enough to understand the howl of the wolf”. thank you for showing us “what most will never see”.

  9. Matt will join the History of Navigation World next weekend. The History of the SINGLE-HANDED SAILING we must say. And the SOLO SAILING, everyone knows, is the most advanced, complex, audacious and
    newest kind of navigation. Congratulations Real Superman! Read below, dear readers, the last post of Matt’s Blog !

    Fernando Costa

  10. “…remarkable human beings who dream big driven by big challenges who refuse to except the limits and boundaries who so called reasonable people readily acknowledge.

    Who puts aside fear in order to accomplish great and good things, not just for himself, but for others. That is Matt Rutherford. “

    -Senator Harkin

    Those are some pretty powerful and completely deserved words

  11. WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO he cleared Cape Henry!!! in fact he must have cut it VERY close, because the little normal GPS error has him CROSSING land! and we KNOW he didn’t do that. HOOORAY! 5 more miles!! YOU GO MATT!

  12. Not getting much work done today while watching for Matt to cross the finish line.

    Congrats Matt. You have done something never done before in the history of mankind.

  13. How can we participate in the boat escort from Thomas Pt. Light? What time should we be there on Saturday? On what VHF channel might instructions be given?

    S/V Catmandu
    Catalina 27

  14. Congratulations Matt Rutherford! No way you won’t cross that line this time, you’ve done it!

  15. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Wish we had a real time sat image of Matt finishing. My eyes are glued to the little red dot.

    Great job Matt.

    Glenway – TC, Michigan

  16. Matt,
    Looks like you crossed your outbound path a few minutes ago. Well done . Enjoy the cheers and your hard earned rest. You’ve brought a geat deal of attention to a deserving cause.

  17. Wow! I’ve been following Matt’s journey since the North Pacific, and it’s simply amazing to follow his track as he completes the voyage. The hardships that he has endured for the benefit of others is truly inspiring!

    Way to go, Matt!!!!

  18. Not yet. Matt has said that the tunnel is his offical Start/Finish point. That has not been passed yet.

  19. Congratulations and all the best for you. First for sure for your unique trip, but also for your fresh authentic blogs, what was the very best I ever read from a guy like you.
    As elder sailor, with an Albin Vega for several years now, I probably have some ideas what you just did.
    I hope you wouldn’t find the homecoming event more challenging than the past period….

  20. Matt,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been holding my breath for the last two days. Welcome home.

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