Matt is Extremely Close to the Finish!

As you can see by the map above Matt is VERY close to the finish line!  He’ll likely cross the finish line in the next few hours!   Crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel will mark the end of his challenge and his successful circumnavigation of the Americas!

He has already had a rendezvous with photographer Mark Duehmig’s boat who was able to pass him some sandwiches.

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    1. Matt was no doubt taking a closer look at ” The Norwegian Lady” standing there on the shore ….. Can’t blame him.

    1. Yes, forgot about those pesky tides and currents. From tide/current predictor
      Chesapeake Bay Entrance, Virginia Current (2)
      2012-04-18 16:53 EDT 0.00 knots Slack, Flood Begins

  1. I am overwhelmed with JOY!!!!!

    How you must be ready to pop Mom Marlowe!

    I have been doing a little jig all day since I read the post about the Godspeed challenge. May I still send a little more money thought this website or must it be sent to the address? I hope I may as some would not get it there by 21st. What a great gesture from a Godspeed…..a boat well named!

    Thank you Simon and Mike the webmaster for your wonderful contribtions and moral support and to those who have brought him aid and help enroute especially our neighbors to the north , in Alsaka and to the south, Brazil and ALL who have cheered a remarkable young CELT on this extraordinary voyage……I cannot wait until Saturday!!!!


    1. Yes! I was so excited today at school! My 5th graders wanted me to keep Matt’s site up all day! We were all really worried when we saw that St. Brendan was making a circle instead of moving forward to the finish line. We checked the NOOA Marine Weather and saw a wind advisory for small craft. We thought that he had dropped his sail and deployed his drogue to ride out the winds, We worried about Matt being blown aground since he was so close to shore. Then, the news and photos were posted right before school let out! The students were as joyous as me! Matt was safe! The pictures were awesome! And, the best news was that the photographer brought Matt a real sandwich! What a day! These students will never forget how they followed Matt’s voyage when they were in 5th grade in Ms. Mac’s Math Class!

      1. Marlowe,

        I forgot about your wonderful class……it has certainly been an adventure for them and such a personal teaching tool for you to employ.

        No one can say your son has not given his all. I tried to see the state of his hands,having lost the sailing gloves…..perhaps super Simon was able to toss him some.

        And yes that fresh sandwich must have been soooooooooo good.

    1. Posted on It has always been my beeilf that good writing like this takes research and talent. It’s very apparent you have done your homework. Great job!

  2. Couple questions.

    Is he just hanging out now trying to make sure he doesn’t get back to soon?

    My other question is about the Arctic. I know Matt brought a shotgun and a bunch of shells to fend off Polar Bears in case he got stuck but what was the plan if he got iced in and couldn’t get through? Having worked up north in winter, it gets bloody cold up there and there isn’t a lot of fire wood.

    1. Sid,
      Matt told me that he would gather up essentials and just start walking out of the arctic. Not much of a plan. Getting stuck was not an option.

      He should not have been able to complete this circumnavigation either! How many things could have gone wrong? How many times was he close to being swept overboard? So fragile. So far away. His father and I both, separately and without discussion, told him good-bye and told him how proud we were that he was following his dream. I am grateful for everyone’s help. I am amazed at Matt’s accomplishment.-

  3. First thing I did when I woke up thiis morning was check Matt’s progress – unbelievable!!! I learned about Matt through EITM last month and have been avidly following him since (and spent a sleepless night reading all of his blog entries from the start!) What an amazing accomplishment. I sent off my donation yesterday, and my husband, kids, and I will be there on Saturday to watch Matt dock. There’s no better way to teach my kids how determination, courage, and dreaming bigger then anyone has dreamed before are all worthwhile and attainable charachteristics then by letting them be there.

  4. So happy and relieved!! Wow, sure wish Grandpa were around for this.

    Congratulations, Matt!!!

    Love you,
    Uncle Scott and Aunt Betsy

  5. Way to go Matt!! God Speed you home. By looking at the wind forcast on
    it shows the winds wont let Matt have good winds till about the 18th @ 03:00 and then on the 21st aprox. 03:00. At least thats what the websit shows. Im using Sarah’s website for this. Matt Hang-in there!! and may the winds blow you safely home..
    Robin and Linda

  6. I thought it was a super big success for Matt to go around the North America and South America. I’m really happy that he didn’t get hurt while going on his big adventure. I also will be watching the news when he is going to take his firs steps on land in a long time. ROCK ON MATT!!!!

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