Godspeed Crew Matching Grant Offer

The crew of Godspeed are pleased to announce a U.S. $21,000 matching grant for all donations made to Matt’s Challenge for CRAB, until May 31, 2012.

Matt honed his sailing skills working alongside Simon Edwards while delivering the yacht “Godspeed” to various destinations. Godspeed is a 50 foot 1978 Hinckley owned and impeccably maintained by Doug Kinney in Annapolis, Maryland.


In April 2010, Matt was helping with a delivery of Godspeed to Antigua where she was participating in the annual Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. On this delivery, Matt first learned about CRAB and set his sights on supporting CRAB in its mission to offer persons with disabilities opportunities to sail … and the rest is history.

Godspeed and its crew are again sailing in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta which will – unfortunately – be underway during the planned April 21, 2012 return to Annapolis of Matt and his worthy vessel St. Brendan. However, the Godspeed crew will be present in spirit.

The crew is delighted to offer this challenge to contribute matching funds to Matt’s Challenge for CRAB. We invite all, sailors and friends alike, who have followed Matt’s voyage or just learned about his Challenge, to take the time to make a donation now so that C.R.A.B. can get the full benefit of this matching grant. We sailors are in awe of Matt’s circumnavigation, solo and non-stop, and feel that Matt’s remarkable accomplishments can best be honored by matching our contribution.

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  1. What address can we mail money order or check donations to?

    Way to go Matt!

  2. That is fantastic!

    Oh, to be on the dunes at Kill Devil’s Hill with a pair of binoculars – Matt ought to be just peaking over the horizon about now.

    1. Can anyone get a picture of Matt coming over the dunes at Kill Devil’s Hill? Wow!!

      1. hi Marlowe,
        I spent a few hours with your hero son last week. It was so good to talk with him face to face. All was well. His sense of humor
        ( mostly at my expense, I might add, is solidly intact ) and he is looking fit and well. But you will see for yourself in a few days.

      2. Hi Simon. Your meeting with Matt, were you heading south in “Godspeed” to Antigua. And if so, did you set a course to intercept St. Brendan? And if so, WOW!!! How cool that had to be for you both as sailing buddies. Never heard anything like it! Start writing a magazine story now if it’s true. And say hi to Kenny and Jane Coombs for me at the Classics.

      3. Missed Matt by 50nm when I was on Godspeed but had a return delivery on Helena and caught up with him after 700 miles….3 in the morning. We chatted for a while then hove to 1/2 a mile away til daylight and spent a few hours sailing alongside while we charged his computers vhf phone etc etc. We both ended up at the Gulf stream hove to again about 40 miles apart til the winds shifted. A few more hours and he has done it….

      4. Dearest Simon,
        Thanks for looking out for our hero! I read your post and started crying tears of joy! I am sorry to hear you will not be in Annapolis Saturday for the big day. And, I have a $100 bucks for you! Seagull payment!

  3. What a fantastic fundraiser. Kudos to the crew of “Godspeed” in helping Matt and C.R.A.B. continue the realization their dream. As a solo sailor myself I have watched and read Matt’s adventure unfold with a great deal of excitement. Of all the sailing adventures that have plied the world’s oceans in my time none have inspired me more then Matt’s solo sail around the Americas. Thanks Matt.
    Glen – Traverse City, Michigan

  4. Wow, it’s certainly worth making another donation to Matt and to C.R.A.B. to have it matched by “Godspeed”! What a wonderful gesture . . . more than a gesture, really!!

    Bring her home, Matt and make us all euphoric! And, like the “Godspeed” crew, we’ll all be there in spirit, if not in person, to celebrate your amazing “Solo Around the America’s Under Sail” voyage!!!

    All the best to you, Matt, and to the crew of “Godspeed” in the upcoming Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    1. Matt,
      You have set the bar. I doubt anyone will ever break your record. Really an amazing feat the more you think about it. Also, there are a lot of veterans that will benefit from the CRAB program I am sure. Your future will take care of itself, no worries mate.

  5. It will be great to see Matt Saturday. It will also be a great opportunity to raise awareness and money for C.R.A.B. – you should make the most of it. I’ll make another contribution.

  6. If Dutch still lived in the big White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue I bet he would be standing on the dock with a big smile and tear filled eyes, waiting to greet and hug this Great American Hero named Matt Rutherford.

    Thank you Matt for answering your calling and for providing a worthy reason for all of us to search deep inside ourselves and respond to our calling.

    All the best to you and your future.

    1. Teddy Roosevelt would, also, have loved Matt’s adventure! But, alas, the days of great adventurers is over, perhaps these daring traits will someday be respected again when mankind leaves its birthplace and reaches for the stars!

      For now, let’s celebrate: Matt is a almost to the finish line!

  7. S/V Godspeed is a beautiful yacht and her crew (at least the two members I know, if Ms. E. Kinney is crew) are generous and beneficent in our Annapolis community. Thank you for so much you do!

  8. You DID IT – Matt ! Well Done – Congratulations X 1000 – forever !
    ” The Norwegian Lady” (statue) is standing on Virginia Beach watching your successful completion of Your Voyage. She is smiling now – winking at you – and waving to you. Her men did not make it out there. You did. And she is happy.

  9. Hi Matt,
    You may not remember but we exchanged some email last Spring when I was working on our “new” Vega and you were fixing up St. Brendan. I’m sorry that I didn’t offer to come up to annapolis and help out. I somehow didn’t think you’d want to be bothered, but now I think that I was probably wrong. Anyway I have followed your trip every day and sometimes when I clicked on the link I really expected you to be gone. It’s unbelievable that you’ve made it back successfully. Good luck from here on!

  10. I must have checked the tracking map at least 5 times already this morning – looking for that now so-familiar red dot to cross the line…it’s been so exciting/uplifting to have been able to follow Matt’s journey!

  11. The blue lines have connected! What a fantastic journey of selflessness.

    All the best to you Matt Rutherford.

    1. Cat, if you zoom in, you’ll see that it’s very very close, but the lines haven’t connected yet. and now he’s had to tack to the south! the suspense is killing me!!!! like molly, i’m just watching that red dot. Wished it updated more frequently than once an hour!!!!

  12. You’ve done it, Matt — congratulations! I had no idea when I closed my other comment with “God Speed” that it was the name of a yacht with which you are affiliated. Good on ya, mate! Welcome home!

  13. Matt:

    I can see from the GPS map on Predict Wind on the top of your web page that you are just 10 miles away from completing your journey. An hour in advance: Congratulations on crossing the line! Hope your journey back up the Chesapeake is a gentle one. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday in Annapolis. Great that your mates from Godspeed are putting up a matching grant. I will give more to boost their contribution! On behalf of CRAB, and all us local bay sailors who still dream big…Welcome Home! And thanks for all you have done for CRAB.

  14. ( OOPS) ” FULL CIRCLE” ! Totally fantastic, Matt. Here comes a heafty Viking CONGRATULATION !!!
    You have just written an outstanding chapter in the book on ” Naval History – 101″.

  15. Way to go Matt, as close as you can be!
    From the tracker, if you look really closely, Matt is sailing donuts! Is he waiting for a photo op? The lines have not been closed yet, the loop is open! I wish I was at the Chesapeake bridge-tunnel island to see him sail in.
    This one for the ages!


  16. Windguru showing 17 knot winds blowing in his face. He has just a couple miles to go from what i can tell. Maybe he was greeted by friends on the water?? Very anxious to see him cross that FINISH LINE!! Any updates his team can provide?

  17. Congratulations Matt. You bloody little beaut.

    Hope you get all the rewards and acclamation that you deserve.

    It has been an experience just to follow you.

    Well done, from Australia

  18. Hi Matt what was the most scariest thing that you have experienced in your voyage?

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