8 thoughts on “Senator Harkin spoke about Matt on the U.S. Senate floor!”

  1. Great vidio Matt. Will you be running for public office after your journey ? You should

  2. Hi Everyone !

    I had a idea.

    Each one of us that support Matt and wants to help CRAB to receave more donations, we could send this important post to ten others blogs or websites.

    Good winds Matt !

  3. For those wondering why Matt seems to be going so slow and not the right direction here is a link…http://www.passageweather.com/ that lets you see the forecast winds and wave direction. You can set these predictions in motion (animation) to have an idea of the wind and wave direction up to seven days. He has been stuck in very light winds for quite awhile now but today it looks like he has plenty of wind coming from the wrong direction and the waves are building also. His next couple of days also look frustrating with the winds going light again. Hang in there Matt.

  4. Mike…

    Thanks for posting the link to Senator Harkin’s comments on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

  5. Thanks for the explanation Ken. I was getting a bit worried last night when I saw the seemingly random course change. I wish I could be in Annapolis when he comes in. But alas I am a left coaster.

  6. WOW! Thanks for sharing the link of Sen. Harkin’s comments on the Senate floor. What a fantastic boost for Matt’s efforts and some wonderful exposure for CRAB!

  7. don’t be hatin’ on me for this, but: would you consider taking out the unnecessary apostrophe in “America’s?” The plural of America is Americas. Thank you.

  8. Senator Harkin, thank you for getting the word out about Matt’s incredible journey and the work of CRAB!

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