Phone call from Matt

Hi everyone I just got a phone call from Matt.  He wanted to let everyone know that he is doing great and he amazingly has NO wind whatsoever right now.  He is halfway through a bottle of champaign to celebrate rounding the horn and he has a 6 ft Albatross that has been keeping him company near his boat for the last hour.  So no worries about his strange speed and direction so close to the Horn – as long as the weather doesn’t go from calm to hurricane, he’s in good shape!

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  1. Hi Mat, Congrats on your great journey and rounding the horn.
    I am from Glasgow Scotland and know folk with Vega’s, great boats.
    Will follow the rest of your passage with interest.
    Well done.

  2. Thanks for the update – I have been following Matt’s progress since summer and was concerned for the lack of motion. Strange feeling to be concerned without any means to help………

    Keep traveling safe and us landlubbers are pulling for you to successfully complete your adventure!

    Bill in St Louis

  3. Thanks, Mike, for sharing the news about Matt’s safe (so far) travels around the treacherous Horn! I’ve been following since Matt’s interview on NPR, way up near Seattle I think. These past few days approaching the Horn had me converting Knots to MPH so I had a clue. Happy to see the little dot turning and heading north!

  4. We continue to be amazed by Matt’s progress and accomplishments.
    We watched him prepare and load the boat on our dock at Spa Creek Marina and I don’t think we quite knew what to feel for this adventure that he was setting off to do. I don’t think we felt that it was possible to even do the Northwest Passage and now Matt is rounding the Horn. Well done. Our thoughts are continually with you and we send good vibes that we will see you back on Spa Creek.

  5. matt glad your doing well god speed enjoy travling along.cant imagine a 6ft bird hanging around

  6. All Right!!

    (stay alert ……(=: )

    (Thanks for the update Mike)

    Wayne C.

    1. ps; Looks like Matt is about to pass (0 to 20 miles) the
      Lighthouse: “San Juan del Salvamento”
      Jules Verne called it “The Lighthouse at the end of the world.”
      I wish I was that Albatross ! (-:

  7. Goodonya Matt.
    Stick with it mate and good luck.

    They tell me that, now you have rounded the Horn, you are allowed to eat with your feet on the table. get back to warmer climes ASAP

  8. hi matt. .
    you really did it. . . the horn. . . congratulations from a german “albin-vega-pilot”.
    im following your journey sinca few weeks. . . and matt. . . you make me dreaming. . . .!!! thanks for this !!!
    best wishes and. . . . take care !!!

  9. Hello Matt,

    I was worried about the Horn your entire trip but I kept quite on my posts – didn’t want to throw a wet blanket on the enthusiasm. Once in a great while the Horn is calm and it is not very often. I have seen pictures of large ships getting tossed like a cork. Somehow you hit it just right. I am in awe over this incredible journey. I think it’s safe to plan your homecoming now.

    Dave Sterling

  10. Hi Matt, (sorry in advance for the lengthy post)
    I learned about your journey through your article, ‘One Waypoint at a Time’ in the January edition of Crusing World magazine. Since the day I finished it it’s been kind of like one of those things they do every once in a while on tv, like a Dukes of Hazard marathon for days on end. But instead it’s been a Matt Rutherford Real Life Epic Journey pretty much non-stop.
    I’m actually skipping ahead due to the fact that you are in such an iconic point in your trip right now; I started reading your blog and each comment from the begining and I am at your Equator post right now.
    I wanted to drop a line to let you know, like so many others, how inspired I am by your voyage. My wife and I have been working toward getting a sailboat and educating ourselves about all the various aspects of the sailing life for quite some time now. We’re stoked! Not only am I learning a ton from your experiences, I’m also taking notes on your selflessness and the fact that you’re doing this to raise money and support for a worthy cause. That really hits close to home for me. I was born with a club foot that could have really been life debilitating had I not been given the surgeries and the care that I was. I’ve been fortunate enough to live a very active life exploring and guiding adventures all over North America and beyond. Now I’m looking for a way to give back to those who helped me and other organizations who are doing important work out there. And you, fine sir, are helping me to make that committment and move forward.

    Keep on keepin’ on Matt Rutherford!
    And now back to the ‘Equator’ I go.
    P.S. – The support from your family is amazing. I’m blessed with a similar support system and we are extremely fortunate for that. You’re Mom seems to kind of rock!

  11. Oh, and Congratulations on getting around the horn, although I haven’t really gotten to that point in the story yet 😉

  12. Anybody know what is going on with the weather down there? I am wondering why Matt is making a circle. . .

    1. windfinder website seemed to show possible reason for this. also web cam of terra de fuego showed COMPLETELY BECALMED !!! hope sir matt was catching some MUCH DESERVED!!! naps! great job matt and MOM! well done!

  13. That’s the first circle you just did, was it the champane that caused that HA HA Hope all is well, your track looks a bit like your tacking.

  14. I had been keeping up with your voyage. You are certainly an inspiration.
    Buena Suerte Circumnavigator!
    We’ll see you soon!

  15. Congtatulations! Happy to hear you made it around the horn. My son is in your Dad’s english class. Your father is very proud of you and keeps his students updated on your progress. Your adventure is very inspirational to all of these kids and I am grateful that my son has been able to watch it unfold.

    Onward and Northward!

  16. What you are doing is the stuff dreams are made of. Like everyone, I’m pulling for you and looking forward to greeting you when you make your landfall. Right now I’m thinking of Townes Vav Zant’s “If I Needed You”. I’m sure there are many friends who would “swim the sea to ease your pain”. God Speed! Tex

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