Position Update

Position 40 00n 135 00w

The Q&A part of this web site will be on hold for awhile. I need to save my minutes.


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  1. A response from PredictWind:

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for your email!
    Glad to hear that you have been enjoying PredictWind.
    One of our programmers has been unwell these past few days but we hope to have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    Tracy Pemberton
    w| http://www.predictwind.com

    1. Matt,

      I was hoping that this post gets to where all can see. I went the to Annapolis boat show yesterday just to meet the CRAB folks. I wanted to share my experience for all those reading your post that couldn’t make it. It was such an uplifting experience to meet the volunteers at CRAB and hear their stories of the impact CRAB has on the people who benefit from the organization as well as those who volunteer. I was able to see boats that CRAB has modified to help their guests go sailing. I heard about the mentally disabled that lacked focus to do normal daily tasks and the inability to communicate as you and I do have the time of their life, show excitement and pure joy being out on the water. I heard about autistic children, and adults with downs syndrome come out of their ‘shell’ and do daily tasks at home that are difficult for them just so they can get back out on the water the next week. I heard about physically disabled people gain the courage to go sailing only to find out that they can do just about anything that they put their mind to. I heard about the volunteers’ (some with their own limitations) joy and rewards that they get from being a part of CRAB. I realize that not everyone that is following your blog can volunteer their time in Annapolis but we can donate.

      I found your website by mistake back in July (or perhaps it was on purpose by someone bigger than me). I quickly learned by reading your blog that you are doing this to support those less fortunate. I have never met you but have met those who know you. I can tell by the company you keep you are a good man. Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for helping me! Yes, you have helped give me the motivation to get back into helping others. I have pledged to CRAB 10 cents a mile when you get back, it’s all I could afford.

      Just on a side note, after my mom’s passing last month, I have been soul searching and reading ‘The Shack’. It has helped me turn negative things that have happened in my life into a positive; looking for the good in everyone no matter how hard I have to dig. Whether you call it Karma, God, good fortune or what, I was hoping to meet Simon Edwards (the one who organized the resupply effort) at the show but was told he was on a boat delivery. Just as I was leaving he showed up exhausted just getting off the boat. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy for an English chap. (just kidding Simon)

      Matt, Keep your spirits up and know that you are doing wonderful things for others, perhaps a few like me that become an inspired loyal follower.


    2. I am a sailor as well and have been looking at different weather sites to use as i venture into more blue water sailing. I have looked at passage weather and Predict Wind and a couple of others. After following you on your voyage i was really impressed with Predict Wind. I down loaded the free version to get an idea of how it worked. I have to say i was impressed.
      Now i see that the problems you are experiancing can not be fixed for a while because the programmer is unwell. . My heart goes out to the programmer and i hope it is not seriouse but i am a little shocked. I can’t believe that a company is not prepared to service their clients because of an illness in the organization. Could you imagin if Steve Jobs decided not to launch the ipad and iphone because he was ill? Where would the world be today? hummm

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