My thoughts on resupply…

I appreciate and understand everyones concerns. I can not stop again for another resupply, unless something absolutely catastrophic happens. I need this time alone to think about the man I was, the man I am, and man I need to be. I can not keep having human contact, it messes with my chi. Simon had to practically pull the teeth out of my mouth before I would agree to the last resupply. Anyway, I’m going to be hundreds and hundreds of miles off the coast of California. I need to get to the Horn by mid January and I’m already behind schedule.

Resupplies are expensive, if you want to do me a favor donate money to C.R.A.B, I don’t want the money to go to me, this trip is about C.R.A.B. I was trying to do this trip with no resupplies originally, I failed to maintain that part of the trip when the water maker broke. The only place were I could justify another resupply would be the Falkland Islands.

The tracking device should be working again shortly. I’m fine, life is much easier now that I’m not freezing cold all the time. Thank you all for your concerns, I need to get around the Horn, then we can talk about a resupply.

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  1. Ya Buddy!

    You have everything you need right? As much as I enjoy your posts, I look forward to reading a more in depth account of your journey down the road. Your keeping a journal I assume, or diary??

    Keep to your goals, God speed an fair winds!

    (Ok, I do hope you get the tracker working…)

  2. Matt, do not spend too much time thinking about he kind of man you want to be. You are already all the man you need to be. You have pursued your dreams and challenges for the joy of it, not for money or anything else. That makes you a man that many people younger than you can look up to. With respect to future supply efforts and donations, that has no bearing on what you have already accomplished and may yet accomplishon this effort. It will not in any way diminish your accomplishment in the eyes of all the people following your trip (including the media, most of whom have not been on a sailboat and cannot really appreciate the audacity of your adventure and what is already accomplished). I am quite confident that every great explorer planned the trip using the best technology and options available at that time. Making your trip a bit safer, and better documented for posterity, does not in any way jeopardize the accomplishment. Continuing to read some good books along the way will keep expanding your mind and give you inner peace, and that will result in better communication and safety. This is important. Just look at the reaction to your post on the Kindle being damaged. Get another Kindle, and you will still be the “man” to everyone following your effort. The resupply effort at Unalaska just made a lot of people realize how good they have it and how much they take for granted all the little things. It highlighted your accomplishments, not diminished them. Looking forward to the report your first tuna or mahi mahi on the stove! God speed.

  3. Do you have your Longitude and lattitude to give us to locate you on a map untill your teck devices start working ? Who needs other’s books you are wright your own book and good on you. Hang in there you’ll be getting a tan soon and your boat will be drying out.

  4. Matthew,
    Do not underestimate the power of the force of the internet.

    If enough people chip in to make your voyage continue in a humane fashion, then there will be a way found that does not cost you much time or miles.

    When I search for “Matt Rutherford” & “Northwest Passage”, I pull up 28 pages of websites. Your voyage has gone viral.

    So, let’s throw out this question and see what happens: does anyone have a seaplane or know of a ship that will cross Matt’s path?

  5. You’re a man who has the total respect and support of all of us, Matt. I just wish that I could strap a new Kindle to a carrier pigeon and send it your way while you’re in my part of the world. Best of luck on your way to Cape Horn.

  6. With Respect, Honor, Affection and Gratitude. There are few heroes left in this messed up world; stay strong.
    Your friend James

  7. I get it Matt, I get it; you asking yourself those questions and wanting to be left alone. I get it, because that’s why I sail too. May you get at least some partial answers!
    God’s speed!

  8. You go, Matt, just go, go and go some more. I sincerely hope you have a clear day to see the Horn as you go around and that the wind gods give you peace. Hang on tight and go, boy, go! We are all very proud of you and what you have done and are doing. I sail solo also and know what you mean about your chi being messed up by other people cutting your experiences. Do keep your spirits up and go, boy, go.

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