The Briefest of Updates

I’m trying to fix the problem with the iTrac tracking device. I emailed predictwind, I should know something in the next 24 hours. My current position is 44 04.559n 137 56.657w.

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  1. We are not so concerned as where you are, just that you are out there somewhere! Many folks check regularly on your position so any news is good news as long as you are heading south. When you get back to Annapolis there are some Dark and Stormies with fresh key lime juice waiting for you in the office balcony right above CRAB. Be safe.

  2. October 7, 2011 2:25 AM (DST)

    Hi, Matt!!

    Thanks for yesterday’s update (the 5th)”Through the Gulf of Alaska” and also today’s (the 6th) “The Briefest of Updates” . . . as Greg said, the “where” isn’t as important as that you ARE “there” . . . anywhere, as along as you’re still afloat, and progressing in the right direction!!

    I was disheartened to learn of all the problems after that wave hit you and tossed everything all around the cabin and ruining your Kindle that contained all the books you’d planned to read. Why not let us know what those books were (as many as you can recall) so that if a Kindle can be gotten to you in another resupply transfer, at least those books can be on it for you. Guess you needed doubles of everything, Matt, since a knockdown would mean things could get badly damaged and possibly become useless to you.

    I, too, had thought that if you were able to come closer to the California coastline that perhaps someone could get some of these necessary things to you. I had someone in mind, but after checking your longitude and latitude you were already farther south and past his being able to get to you.

    Regarding your book on the Vikings . . . maybe, if you tell us which book, and where you left off (approx) we could send you a chapter (or part of one) at a time on your emails or blog, for as long as that is working). And, as long as you’re able to read what we’re writing, we’ll not only keep you entertained but also informed about anything you want to talk about, or are interested in. So don’t worry about those moldy books. If you tell us the titles of all the books on your Kindle we can look them up and see what we can do!!

    “What am I going to do without my books?” you said. Well, let your memory of all the ones you have read in the past help, by thinking back over them, and about what you liked about them, and how they may have impacted your life! I’m sure that you will find that you can enjoy many of those again, just going over them in your mind! And, as was also mentioned . . . write down your own thoughts – we already know that you have a wonderful way of describing what you’re seeing, and what you’re experiencing, and that makes us all feel like we’re right there with you!!

    Was the book on the Viking History one of those I’ve listed below, or was it a different one entirely?

    A History of the Vikings
    Gwyn Jones

    Viking Age IcelandThe Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow

    The Vikings: A History
    Robert Ferguson,

    The Vikings: Rvised Edition
    Else Roesdahl

    Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
    William F. Fitzhugh

    They’re having the 42nd Annual United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis this week-end, so I’m sure there will be a lot of talk about you and your courageous “Solo Around the Americas” . . . Stay positive, Matt . . . you’re actually doing great, particularly considering all you’ve had to endure! And, remember, that thousands of your followers are thinking of you, and checking on you many times during the day, and during the night, so please don’t get discouraged if you lose the ability to receive comments on your blog!! We’ll all still be pulling for you, and praying for you, so stay safe!

    Godspeed, Matt!!

    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  3. I specialize in NWP support for the sailors and Matt have asked me few times for comments in that relatively easy ice crossing this year. I have provided weather support to Matt all along since his entry to Barrow on just about daily bases due to usual gale storm conditions thereafter by default.
    His cruise at that time through those waters have implanted him with expressions of no more, I had enough.
    Unalaska Bay re-supply appeared to be perfect as well as the place selected.
    Due to what has just happened two days ago (rouge wave smash-up) and damages he sustained I would like to suggest to organize another drop-out of re supplies off California coast. And I mean primarily communication equipment. To state the details it should include extra Sat Phone and at lest four (4) stand by batteries for it including two modems. From the feed backs of other boats I receive those batteries are not very reliable and outside power source can not be used. So much for Iridium.
    He is not far now from if not now at California southerly current that will help his progress while winds will subside to moderate till Guatemala.
    May be I am stuck with Matt cruise now as it was my intention to provide support for NWP only, but as a sailor and yachtsman since I was 16 and now 50 years later I can not refuse to continue. Hew is a hard man and only may few may follow him.

    1. Thank you, Victor, for you willingness to continue to provide support for Matt’s voyage. I agree that there needs to be some sort of re-supply while he is still off California’s coastline. He’ll never be any closer than now, so time would be of the essence. Isn’t there some boating group or club out there that could be contacted to find someone able to make this re-supply drop?

      I’d be more than happy to send a financial donation but am still waiting for Simon, or someone, to provide me with a place to send it to, that will assure that it goes for this specific purpose!! (And, how the check should be made out.)

      Anyone out there have any contacts on the west coast??? (or is anyone already working on a possibility???)

      Carol Florida U.S.A.

    2. Victor,
      If you ever make it to Austin, Tx, I want to offer you a wonderful stay in the Texas Hill Country. We have a beautiful guest suite with a balcony overlooking Lake Travis and a pontoon boat for you to cruise the lake. We can, also, provide you with an antique Alfa Romeo spyder so you can hit the curves and enjoy the countryside. I recommend March and April when the bluebonnets and other wildflowers are in bloom.

      Thank you for taking good care of my redheaded son,

  4. Last night Matt’s Uncle Jim and I were having this very conversation – a second resupply along the CA coastline with whatever equipment he may need and a new, fully loaded Kindle, just for insanity’s sake. If we can find out from the iTrac folks what will put him back on line and keep him in regular communication, we are committed to make it happen. We are in no way seaman, but certainly are on-board with Fortitudine Vincimus.

    Thanks for all you’ve done, Victor. Perhaps you’re the Athena needed to fight against Poseidon and guide our intrepid Odysseus. Whatever seasoned advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, many thanks to all who have supported Matt’s efforts in preparing for and completing his quest.

    More later,
    My best,

    1. I am willing to make another donation. The last effort seemed to go smoothly when we sent checks or donated to CRAB online and let Don know it is for another resupply. Simon, What do you think?

      1. Don,
        Is there anyway to “Pass the Hat” at that big boat show in Annapolis?

  5. Hi Matt. Just an update on the Annapolis Sailboat Show. As opposed to weather last week, the weather for the show has been fabulous. CRAB is well represented. US Navy Sailing is represented by the yawl Vigilant out of Patuxent and by Annapolis Naval Sailing Association, Pentagon Sailing, and Patuxent Navy Sailing Club. We make mention of you and your marvelous adventure any time we chat with passers by who know and love real sailing. I’m certain CRAB is benefiting greatly. We had more than one visitor to our location who was excited to find that there was not only an organization (CRAB) but a capability to get physically challenged folks on to boats. We also mentioned to these folks the Vets on the Bay project of US Navy Sailing, a project addressing our wounded warriors.

    We look forward to you continuing commentary.

    Harvey Snyder

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