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Glad to hear you are a fan. I grew up in Fairview Park but now live near
Port Clinton (Put-In-Bay). It’s astounding to me, and more than a little
disheartening, that many of the locals here are rabid steelers fans. I
don’t know how it happens but they seem to feel it makes sense somehow.
Makes me a little sick, if you want to know the truth.
Anyway, best wishes for smooth sailing till you reach the end of your

If you are from Pennsylvania then I can understand and respect the fact that you are a steelers fan, Just as I can respect a Ravens fan from Maryland, even though they stole our team. A Ravens fan will say “Are team was stolen by Indianapolis, we lost our team for 15 years you only lost yours for 5”. I ask you this, If a man robs you for $100 does it give you the right to rob another man for 50. Unlike the steelers I don’t hate the Ravens, I just don’t like them much. If you are born and raised in northern Ohio and you support the steelers because you like there colors or because they make it to super bowls, then you have no loyalty and therefor no honor. A man without honer is a disgraceful example of a human-being. I wont hide the fact that the browns lose more games then they win. I don’t expect them to go to the super bowl anytime soon. The Cleveland Browns could lose every game for the rest of my life and I will still support them, EVERY GAME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Thats what it means to have loyalty, thats what it means to be a true fan

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  1. Hi, Matt,

    I was just wondering how you felt when you went through the Bering Strait, and were so close to Russia? (Or, did you somehow avoid that stretch?) I think it might have made me a little nervous even though they haven’t been causing any problems in that area. I guess I’m just old enough so the thought of being that close would unnerve me a little (or, just possibly, a lot)!!

    Little Diomede Island (Alaskan) and Big Diomede Island (Russian) are both located in the middle of the Bering Strait, and they’re only about 2 miles (3.2 km) apart, so it must have seemed strange to be only a mile from a Russian island and a mile from an Alaskan island. Did you take any pictures as you passed by them???

    I’m sorry if I missed it, if you already wrote about it as you sailed through!

    Stay Safe, Matt!!


  2. Matt, I was your mom’s student last year. How is it going in the pacific? I hope the waves aren’t knocking you off course. Is it even rough in the Pacific? Please stay safe. Have you seen any sharks? I hope you are doing good.

    Sincerely, Vivian

  3. The best to you Matt. I do not know another living soul that has the courage, tenacity, and drive that you do, ESPECIALLY because you do not have another physical person to interact with on so much of this voyage. Have birds ever landed on your vessel for any length of time?

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