Q & A: How are the Shelf Reliance meals working out?


I am going to start marketing Shelf Reliance to marine world. Could you give me an update on how its working out? Do you find it easy to use? Is it meeting your nutritional needs? Have you lost/gained weight? Do you think you have enough for your entire trip? Any suggestions for anyone that is going to stock up for a trip. I realize that you were very limited by weight requirements, so I don’t know how else you would have been able to have that much food in any other form than freeze dried.
-George Hall

I think that shelf reliance is a great product for any cruising sailor. Whether you use it as a back up emergency food supply or eat it on a regular basis. The food is working out fine and its very easy to use. I save a lot of fuel because I don’t have to cook it, all I have to do is heat it up and eat it up. It seems to be meeting my nutritional needs, I also take a one a day multivitamin. I have lost weight, I think its mostly due to the fact that in the Arctic I didn’t sleep much and was cold all the time. My body was burning a crazy amount of calories trying to keep up with the conditions it was under. I would suggest the creamy cheesy white soups as they taste great. I would also suggest the TVP products as they are good and cheap. I also love butter powder. Yes, I think I have enough food for the whole trip, Carol did a great job planing my food regiment. To be honest I don’t know what I would of done without the help of Shelf Reliance. It was the only way that I could of had enough food for the trip. On top of that the food is of the highest quality and I’m not just saying that because they sponsored me.

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