Q & A: Favorite Sails?


Hey Matt!
It’s Sept 28th, and 16:30 BC time (0100 UT, I think?)
You are nearly at the 49th, I am at 49.001 …
so I just went outside and gave you a big wave and a double-thumbs up!!

You may not have noticed as your still about 1400 miles west of me and my Vega!

I have a question if it’s allowed.. I don’t see why not unless your being sponsored by
a particular sail-maker… What brand is your favorite Main and Jib?? (any “North”? )

Cheers brave fellow!

I have been sponsored by Hyde Sails. I used to make sails for North Sail back about five years ago when they had a loft on Kent Island near Annapolis. I think most of the big name sail makers make a quality sail so it really comes down to details and personal preferences.

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