Q & A: Shorelines a big fear?

Hi Matt — Incredible blog. I find myself wondering how you’re doing quite often. Two questions (if I am permitted!): Aren’t shorelines a big fear during storms? I was puzzled by you seeking shelter in bays and coves using your sea anchor. At least at sea you wouldn’t run aground on the open sea. What am I missing?

Second: How does one make the transition from day sailor to cruiser — more specifically, how did you learn about navigation that day sailors don’t really have to worry much about?

Ariel, Mountain View, CA

You are better off being in a storm far from land. I was not seeking shelter from a storm when in Unalaska bay I needed two days to repack the boat after the knockdown. Plus it was beautiful there so I just wanted to hang out. The bad Storm never came but my plan was to go to the south side of the island. The winds would of been out of the north so I had thousands of miles I could have drifted south. I explained my reasons for the other times I’ve used a para anchor starting at the entry called Point Hope, read through them and you will understand better.
Buy a cheap chart plotter and some paper charts and just go sailing. You will some mistakes in the beginning but we all do. Just make sure you check the weather before you leave. If your a beginner, don’t sail in more then 25 knots of wind. You will learn over time.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    I’m a Vega owner/lover in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and I just discovered your amazing trip-blog! I’ll follow you from now on and wish you all the good luck and winds!

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