Stupid Storms!!!! (Updated)

So I’m in a gale right now, nothing new about that. What is new is I just had a full knockdown, I nearly capsized. My mast was underwater. My dodger is shredded. I had water above the floor boards. I smashed my knee. My fuel bladder got launched across my cabin along with everything else. A can of tomato powder exploded and my cabin is now covered in the stuff. You know those little round things at the end of your spreaders that keep your main sail from chaffing? Well knockdown ripped one of those off. Its a pretty bad knockdown when things get ripped off you spreaders half way up your mast. The local fishermen call this area the mix master, I understand why. Waves are breaking all around me as I sit here and type this. The area is to big to sail around, so here I am. So, I have a big storm coming this weekend. I was going to ride it out south of the islands but instead I’m going to drift around Beaver inlet. There is good protection there but its only a few miles wide. This means I will motor to the north side drop the parachute sea anchor drift south for a couple hours pull the sea anchor motor back to the north side deploy the sea anchor again and repeat the process until Monday. This really sucks but at least I won’t have to stop and the non stop aspect of this trip will still be intact. Of course it would be easier to just drop an anchor and sleep but that would ruin everything I’ve worked for. I might sail around the inlet a bit but since its going to be blowing 50kts sailing will be a bit difficult. So if you see bouncing all over beaver inlet, I’m just waiting out a storm until Monday, then hopefully I can head south.

Slight change of plans. There is not enough room in Beaver Inlet for me to drift and I wouldn’t get any sleep. So I’m going to head to the south side of Unalaska island and ride out the storm there. I’ll have less protection, but i’ll have much more room to drift. Which means I can sleep. My old wiring caught on fire last night.. I’ll tell more about that later.

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  1. Whoa! Hang in there Matt. Get some rest and hopefully things will look a bit more cheery in the daylight. It is hard to think straight after any experience like that coming out of nowhere.

  2. Yep .. whoa .. get safe Matt !
    Breath, and get out of that mixer
    You are nearly in the back straight stretch !

    You got a lot of people pulling for you man!
    Better and warmer weather are just coming within reach..
    along the west coast of BC..
    Hang in there !! ((-;

  3. As of 12pm est it says your going 8.2 knots. Holy Toledo batman! You really must want to get hunkered down for the next storm. I hope you get some well deserved rest and the hand off of supplies goes smoothly. You have already accomplished what no one else has done now get out of those storms for some smooth sailing.

  4. Hang tough Matt, you are going through a really difficult time at the moment, you have really been put through the wringer. When I look at a map and see the extreme places you have already navigated through, I’m left in awe. Open seas and warmer weather are ahead, hang in there Matt!

  5. It’s always darkest ( and stormiest ) before before dawn, Matt. Clever saying – I know; and easy for a ‘landblubber’ to mouth. That Irishman in you is for sure one tough warrior. Beats those ‘vikes’ hands down. Keep trucking, brother. Sunny and bright and warm days are beconning you just over the horizon. All your friends from around the globe are in your corner. And, our prayers are with you !!!
    Tore in Annapolis.

  6. Hope you find a little relief from the weather behind Unalaska Island. You’ll be heading for better weather down our way soon. Hang in there, Matt.

  7. You are going to have some great stories to tell your grandkids! And warmer water/weather/sunshine is just ahead! Fair winds and following seas!

    Greg in Annapolis

  8. From Simon’s father.
    You’re a very brave man, Matt. Congratulations and the Best of Luck for the rest of your voyage

  9. Matt,

    Congratulations on your epic voyage through the fabled Northwest Passage – you deserve a place in the history books – now with arrival in the Aleutian Islands you prepare for another leg of your record voyage – the next ten days of GRIB gale weather will be a test of your patience to respect mother nature until she allow you to escape – so find a quiet bay and catch up on your rest – when you see a good weather window God Speed!


  10. By endurance we conquer.
    You are a hero, Matt! And one strong human being!
    Warm weather ahead!

  11. Bonsoir Matt,
    Je suis tout tes nouvelles à travers ce site, même si je commente pas toujours c’est juste que je suis très paresseuse pour le faire :p, bref je suis très fières de toi, tu es dans la bonne voie juste continue et surtout ne lâche pas!
    Ça demande beaucoup de courage d’oser faire ce que tu fais maintenant, mais tu es le genre d’homme que cette mission requiert. et ben je te souhaite un bon voyage et que tu reviens sain et sauf à ta famille.
    Me and my brother send our sincere wishes.
    Ghizlane Qat. From morocco ^^

    1. Wow! a fan from Morocco! I knew I should have paid attention during my high school french class.

  12. Hey Matt,

    Just hang in there buddy. You have gone thru hell and back and i shake my head wondering how a person could cope. I noticed you are moving again into the Northern Pacific. I actually plot your course and speed and follow the weathern patterns and the next week does not look much better then last week. You will have winds from20 to 40 knts and 20 foot seas. Especially on Wed it does not look good. The weather sea states do not look good up until Friday. I know you want to get moving but being out in the Northern Pacific with storms coming from Japan this time of year is not good. I predict over this week you will either have to hoove too or possibly experiance a knock down again.
    When you were out in to the Bearing sea i followed the weather and thought to myself he is going to be knocked down if he does not take shealter to the east off the coast of Alaska. Well sure enough you were. all i am saying is stay safe you have gone thru too much to throw it all away.

  13. I’ve just read about you on xsracing and found this blog. What U’re doing is incredible!!! good luck and fair winds!!! 🙂

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