Day 100

I’ve struggled quite a bit with Alaska. The winds seem to either blow like crazy or not blow at all (its blowing a half gale right now). The currents are strong and going in the wrong direction. There is still fog nearly every day, the waters still crazy cold and I’m still cold and wet. I’m just tired. I don’t think its always like this in September up here, I just think its the way its been for me. You could cross the Atlantic every year for ten years in a row and have a different crossing every time, even if you always left on the same day. Most boats that sail Alaska do it by hoping from port to port. They go to a port and wait out a storm, then they head to the next port where they wait out a storm, and so on and so on. I would be doing the same thing except it would violate the non-stop aspect of this trip. So unlike the other boats, when a storm comes I stay offshore and usually get pounded on. It reminds me of an old Gravediggaz song “theres no where to run to theres no where to hide”. I’ve hardly slept since the beginning of the month and its starting to effect my mood. I don’t know why I’ve had such a hard time sleeping, I finally got my nights back. I really enjoy sailing at night, its very peaceful, but I just cant sleep. I’ve also been having a hard time being alone lately. After 100 days it starts to wear on you. I crave conversation. The kind of conversation you have in the morning over a cup of coffee or at night over a glass of wine. I never call anyone on the sat phone unless its absolutely necessary. The minutes just cost too much. I never use my email for personal reasons, its for business only. Things will get better south of Alaska, I look forward to the open ocean in a way I can hardly explain. The good new is Simon’s spontaneous mini resupply will happen very soon, the bad news is its going to be blowing 30-35kts so it will be a very difficult to pass the items off from one boat to the other. I don’t how we are going to do it to be honest. I guess ill cross that bridge when I come to it. I’ve been a bit of a pain in the butt, in regards to Simon’s mini resupply. I have a hard time excepting help from people. I don’t know why this is as it’s a bad quality to have. I guess its because I suffer from pride. No one person can do everything. I need to learn to except help from people instead of resisting it. I’m still a work in progress. At least I understand what personality traits I need to work on. Thank you Simon and Don, what can I say, I have feet of clay.

For the Albin Vega people
St Brendan is hull #1147
I think this makes her a series 1 Vega made in either 1972 or 1973. I don’t have any paperwork on her so its just a guess.

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  1. Matt,
    Call your mom. Call anyone you want. I’ll pay for it. You have already earned your stripes for receiving help. Remember you are doing this to help out others. Let us help you. Simon knows how to get a hold of me. Keep your spirits up and may the wind always be at your back (or something like that)

    1. Dear Matt!! Hang in there!!! We are all here for you . . . but wishing we could be there, close enough to encourage you!! I hope your smashed knee isn’t too bad, you need them both to be working normally, to keep you well-balanced, particularly in those stormy seas!!

      I agree whole-heartedly with Duane, and had already been thinking that I would be more than happy to put money toward your being able to talk to someone when you feel the need, and more than just once or twice!! I feel certain there are probably other’s that that would want to contribute to your phone bill as well! Will be keeping you in our prayers . . . for your safety, and for your coming through these next few days with no new problems to have to contend with or think about!

      So how about it, Simon, (or whomever) give us a place to send it to, other than C.R.A.B., so that it would go strictly for Matt’s being able to communicate with someone (the someones of his choice). He’s got to feel he’s not as isolated as he thinks, and, that because of his updates, there are so many of us who are trying to encourage him through each . . . and every crisis! If you don’t want to post it for some reason, send me an email:

      Carol Florida U.S.A.

  2. Ahoy Matt , I have been following your voyage and your progress has been superb.
    The Google update chart is wonderful . No one can do a voyage like yours, all alone, it takes help, heaps of help to do that !
    Remember that fatigue is like hypothermia,it gives you that all is ok “well being” feeling, and causes complacency, so don’t let your guard down as you near land at the Bearing Strait.
    Hang in there, it is not good to diminish what you have already earned !
    L O L , Douglas in Singapore, S/V Calliste

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