According to the Scott Polar Institute University of Cambridge I officially broke a record. l singlehanded the smallest boat in history threw the Northwest passage. I imagine I’ve also sailed the cheapest boat in history threw the Northwest Passage as ST Brendan is only worth around ten grand. Pretty cool!

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  1. Matt, just from the sheer facts this is impressive. By now there are probably hundreds of Albin Vega owners (like myself) following your log. We all know it’s a tough ship, the challenge in fact is for the man. I trust you’ll make more than 3 knots on the total average as you get rid of more load.

  2. Congratulations, Matt!!!
    TOUGH BOAT!!! . . . TOUGH SAILOR!!! You both have measured up well, and really earned this record! It is quite a testament to you’re planning, your seamanship skills, and your boat’s sturdiness, particularly considering all the challenges you faced and overcame!!!
    Wishing you continued success on the remainder of this long voyage!! Hopefully now you can relax a little and enjoy the trip before having to face any more dangerous conditions!!


    Carol Florida U.S.A.

  3. Congratulations Matt, that is very cool! And ditto what Carol said!
    You certainly earned that record through your sheer guts and determination and what an impressive boat ST Brendan is.

    Sail on Matt,
    Annie (Australia).

  4. Hi Matt

    Congratulations on your record NW Passage and on making it to the Pacific Ocean with both your character and determination fully intact!


    Michael Gresalfi
    Boyds, MD

  5. Congratulations to you and your brass cohones! Hey just think, now with a record setting boat, it’ll be worth more than the 10G at auction!

  6. I have been following your amazing voyage since you were south of
    Greenland and I just keep shaking my head in wonder.
    I think Dave Sterling says it right: A fiberglass boat with an iron sailor.

    Looks like you are presently within a hundred mile of Mount Westdahl !!
    and will soon be heading into warmer waters!

    Besides your actually having the kahunas for sailing this incredible journey,
    and setting new records along the way,
    you are indeed making a lot of Albin-Vega owners proud..

    Including myself!
    (#2221 HWSeas)

  7. I have been following your progress over the last 2 weeks. And now at 11.30 pm Irish time on the 20th September I see you making 7.2 knots heading south having passed through the mystical North West Passage. 7.2 is more than twice your target, keep it up. It’s the stuff of hero’s. Bon voyage.
    P.S. Yes Sneem is just great- you should revisit!!!

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