Bering Sea

So much for exploring all over the Bering sea, It been slow, slow. I passed through the Bering Straits as it was getting dark. There was a easterly breeze which was bringing the smell of land with it. That moist, rich, earthy smell, terra firma mixed with fresh air. What a great smell and what a big tease. I don’t have alcohol to spare right now so I celebrated my entrance into the Pacific ocean by making Blackberry pancakes, they didn’t look much like pancakes when I got threw with them but they tasted good. Shelf Reliance gave me the freeze dried version of every type of fruit you can think of. I’ve been saving the fruit for the warmer waters of the open Pacific. I don’t really crave fruit when I’m cold but down south it will be nice. For two days after the Bering Straits I was bucking into a strong current and having trouble making decent time. The winds were light and have been light ever since. I’ve done a few 8 hour shifts at the tiller, motoring along. It always seems to rain when I’m at the helm. I just listen to music, I was having a pretty good time considering the circumstances. The winds have been changing direction often, every time I get some sleep the wind changes and I steer the wrong way for an hour or two, frustrating. You can be the greatest sailor on earth, but if theres no wind you ain’t going anywhere.
When planing this trip I discovered that if I were able the maintain a speed of 3 knots over the duration of the entire trip I would arrive at all the critical locations at the safest time of year. I was two days ahead of schedule when I rounded Point Hope, now I’m 8 days behind and moving slow. I really don’t like being behind schedule! At this point if I maintain a speed of 3 knots I’ll arrive at Cape Horn, January 19th 2012, which is fine. If I maintain 3 knots for the rest of the trip I’ll arrive back in Annapolis around April 28th. My timing is still ok, but I’ve got a long, long way to go.

2 thoughts on “Bering Sea”

  1. Awesome trip your doing. My brother flies out of Baffin Island for Canadian North and caught wind of your trip. I have you in my feed so look forward to sharing the adventures from the armchair. I’m in Costa Rica, so for the Central America leg if you need any assistance send me a note as you get closer.

    Chris Ruttan

  2. Fortitudine Vincimus indeed! Just thinking about you Matt and wishing you well! I wonder what crazy shit must go on in your mind after so many days at sea alone! Just after a few days alone, I’m never too sure I like myself – ha!

    School is back in session, and I continue to work like a mule. Eli has begun his junior year – so fast… However, life is good and the universe continues to smile on us.

    I’m curious to see what kind of press you are getting. I’ll take a peek this week.

    As always, lots of love and strength to you.


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