How to Contribute to the Resupply Effort

Matt appreciates all of your offers of support. The best way to make a donation is to click on the “How You Can Help” button on the bar at the top of this page.

Once there, click on the link. In that next screen click on the “Network For Good” button at the upper right.

That will lead you to a dedicated donation page for CRAB. Fill out the amount you’d like donate, and the rest of the form. Under “Designation” fill out “Northwest Challenge” , fill out the rest of the info, and your money will go to the resupply effort.

Network for Good charges a 5% admin fee, but CRAB has generously agreed to pay that fee on your donation. Its not quite as easy as PayPal, but there are fees involved in PayPal too, and by using Network for Good your contribution is tax deductible.

So all your money goes to help Matt, and it can help with your taxes. Win! Win!

Your temporary admin and fundraiser :), Tom

2 thoughts on “How to Contribute to the Resupply Effort”

  1. Tom,
    It IS as easy as PayPal!

    At the CRAB website, when you click on Network for Good to make a donation to Matt’s efforts, you will be first asked what donation amount you’d like to make. You also designate that the donation is for Meeting the Challenge and dedicate it to Matt Rutherford.

    Then, on a second page, you’ll be asked if you wish to pay by credit card or PayPal to donate to Meeting the Challenge.

    If you wish to send a check, note that it is for Matt’s Meeting the Challenge. Send it to CRAB, P.O. Box 6564, Annapolis 21401-0564.

    1. WOW! $1800 for a desalination water pump that’s manual. With all that water around at sea, I will never look at another glass of water the same. I actually looked around the internet and they were actually going for $1900!

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