Simon is organizing a resupply effort!

Hi, Even though this post is going to be signed Matt, I’m really Tom, the backup admin person while Mike is away. Simon posted the following in a comment, I want to make sure everyone sees it so I’m making it into a post:

simon says:
“September 7, 2011 at 6:44 pm
Matt just called me with a request for some basic equipment. I have got the ball rolling in Alaska … Just so we aren’t working indepentently of each other which will be counter productive any one interested in assisting call me 410-212-9579 or email
We have just a few days to get this together as Matts course from Alaska will not be passing anywhere close to a port for several thousand miles. Thx”

BTW, if there is anything else critical like this, you can email me at and I can put it up.


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  1. Tom thanks for making this a Post.
    Matt doesn’t need a lot considering,; which is a testament to his approach and his ability to take care of himself.
    I asked him about an autopilot but his take is that as he has so little fuel left for motoring, it isn’t a high priority.
    My aim is to get a back up Watermaker as a priority. He is heading out on the longest section now and most of it is going to be through the tropics. His watermaker is going to be worked much harder in the coming weeks. If it fails then he has a serious problem. He told me in yesterdays conversation that the watermaker he has is working ok, though seems to be getting harder to pump…They are expensive at around $ 1,800.oo. I am looking for one in Annapolis. We need a POWER SURVIVOR 35 Manual operation, NOT electric
    The other items needed are basic and easily arranged, line, shackles,12v inverters etc etc.
    Any help towards the watermaker is what we need. CRAB has some funds but not enough. I have received three calls of support and thats wonderful. There is a time limit on this. Alaska, while considerably more accessible than the NW Passage!!, is not on the main postal routes so I want to get this en route asap. I have spoken with the Harbor master and had a call from someone who is willing to make the drop.
    We should enclose some dollars for the boat and for the purchase of some local supplies which can be delivered. Any comments/suggestions ? Thats the update

    1. Simon,
      Does Matt have any way to pre-filter his water before he uses his watermaker? Maybe coffee filters in a cut soda bottle improvised into a funnel?

      Or, is it possible to back flush the watermaker to help remove all of the stuff that builds up inside it and to prolong its life?

      Thanks for taking care of our voyager.

      1. Hi Marlowe,
        Well things are coming along.
        I have found a suitable water maker. As Duane suggested we will put a pre filter in the shipment in case he can use it.
        I have put Matt in touch with the Alaskans so he can tell them what he wants from the provisioning side, besides Ham and a bottle of hooch.
        They will drop him 30 gallons or so of diesel and I am going to suggest he takes the opportunity to offload the leaking diesel bladder tank. Of course he will take on water too, at least his arm will get a rest. I have found a good auto pilot for sale here to replace his broken one.
        The rest of the stuff will go out next week from here and be waiting for him, whenever the wind decides he can leave the Arctic….Monday or tuesday is my guess that he will be able south with confidence….

      2. Thank you, Simon. I was thinking about those leaky fuel bladders, too. I am glad to hear that Matt will receive more diesel. One of my 5th grade girls wanted to send Matt the cookies that she baked! Matt does enjoy chocolate chip cookies once in a while.

        It takes away my worry, Simon, to know that you are his guardian angel of the voyage.

  2. Add a paypal button for donations directed to the resupply effort. Or state an email address to send the funds to.

    1. I have been in contact with both Simon and Don Backe. Don said that I could send a check made out to CRAB with a memo in the bottom stating “North West Challenge”. It is tax deductible. 🙂 This has to be done rather quickly.
      Their website for donations is:

    2. I agree with Jerry. I would like to see a donate button added directly to the homepage of Matt’s site. It is a bit confusing to do it through the crab site. And, I think it would help if there was an indicator for how much money has come in: example, maybe have something cute happen. What about a jolly roger that raises itself up everytime a donation is made?

      1. David Walliams is swimming the Thames for charity. He’s famous in the UK which helps of course but being able to see the financial and miles action (see the map and panel on the right of the link below) is a real stimulus to giving and he’s raising far more than anyone expected. Matt’s trip is epic and heroic and unique and deserves more publicity and attention but without cameras on him perhaps the best is a lively donation button.

  3. For those of us enjoying this awesome adventure, a contribution at this point is a wonderful way to actively participate. It will be quite some time before we have another opportunity.

    Dave from Crownsville

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