Backup Blog Admin Needed

Hi everyone, Mike here.. I’m going to be out of connectivity for a couple of weeks. I don’t want any incoming posts from Matt to sit in my inbox while I’m gone – so would anyone of you regular commenters like to take over for me for a couple of weeks? Experience with WordPress or general web-savyness would be useful. Please email me at if you’re interested. I need to find someone in the next two days. Thanks!

Thanks everyone, I found an assistant while I’m on vacation!

2 thoughts on “Backup Blog Admin Needed”

  1. Hope Matt makes it by the Aleutians Islands safely.
    Might want to think about adding a paypal button to collect donations on the home page.
    Would be neat if it said something like “Hit the kitty” and when one pushed the button it made a cat screeching noise.

    Any way what he is doing is amazing, stay safe Matt.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I wish I was savvy enough to help with the site. Do you have any volunteers yet? I was wondering if Matt was ‘legally’ able to accept needed supplies when he gets near civilization in Alaska? Perhaps some of us would take up a collection to send someone out to meet him? I for one would be glad to support some financially. I just put myself in his shoes and would love a pizza about that time too. Not to mention fuel, spare parts etc. Just a thought.

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