Lots of Photos from Matt!

Matt & I have been working through some technical issues regarding the file size of his photos. Thankfully we’ve found a way for him to make the file sizes small and retain the photo quality. After this improvement he sent a whole bunch of photos…

13 thoughts on “Lots of Photos from Matt!”

  1. Thank you, Matt & Michael, for posting these awesome photos! It really helps to comprehend some of the majesty and vastness of these waters.

  2. Hi Matt & Co.
    Thanks for good/great shots and postings. The ” Iceberg Designs” are simply fantastic. Out of this world …. !! Who’s the chief architect ? Cotinued GOOD SUCCESS, MATT ! Happy thoughts – Tore – ” The Viking “.

  3. Hiya Matt!

    Brilliant!, Thanks for the wonderful pics! In fact, they symbolize more than pics.. immortalizing your experience, your adventurous heart and the historic melting of the ice cap.

    I am really enjoying living vicariously through you… next time how about a webcam on the mast 🙂

    Annapolis, MD

  4. Thanks for persevering with the photos Matt and Michael, they are very, very inspiring and they add to your amazing updates. The NWP is a place I knew very little about and I have been enjoying researching it’s waterways and history which really brings home the magnitude of what you are attempting and what you are experiencing. It really is an enormous privilege to “sail” along with you.


  5. Hello Matt,

    The progress you have made is awesome. I can understand how folks write in and explained that they are inspired by you. Your adventure just makes people want to get up from the couch and do something.
    I think the Canadian Ice Service site recommended by “Aunt Paula” in the Baffin Bay post is the best for showing ice conditions. It now shows the passage may be clear.

    I’ll be praying for you,

  6. I think I need to edit my previous post. I stated that according to the Canadian Ice Service site the passage looked clear. However, I understand looking at a computer screen is a lot different than actually sailing in Queen Maud Gulf in a fiberglass sailboat.

    Praying for Matt,
    Dave from Crownsville

  7. Matt,

    You are a doing a fantastic job! I keep think about the “tip of the iceberg”, when I look at the pictures. Right now it looks like you are due north of Austin Texas!


  8. Matt,
    Congratulations! What an amazing adventure. I’ve enjoyed every word, constantly asking myself if I could handle it. You make it look easy, though I know it can be brutal. I’ll be following along, looking forward to your successes, of which you’ve already had many. Simply shoving off may be the biggest.
    I can’t help but think: Slocum, Moitessier, Rutherford!
    All the best!
    Chip Cramer
    Friend/neighbor of BJ & Marlowe

  9. Wonderful photos! Seems to fire up my imagination of what you are seeing everyday even more so. And, I might add, it was very heartwarming to see a photo of you, Matt … looking a bit sailing-weary perhaps, cold too … but nonetheless looking very good !! Thanks again to Michael McLinn for making this all possible. For helping so many family & friends to “be there” — beyond gazing at maps & having little to inspire our mental images. You’re getting closer & closer to the other side Matt. Sail on !!! Love you !!!

  10. Like everyone else that checks the site, I am impressed and inspired.
    I was wondering if anyone has suggested to the producers of Deadliest Catch
    (the Discovery Channel show on Bering Sea crab fishing) that they should have one of their boats rendezvous w/Matt. It would make for an interesting program and get Matt some big publicity for his cause.
    I was going to suggest this on their message boards, but in order to post you have to have an account at facebook, twitter or one of the other various time waster social networking sites. If anyone reads this and has such an account, maybe you should post a link to this site on the Deadliest Catch message boards….

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