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Very exciting development – today I received the first photo from Matt. Since he left we’ve been trying to get a good system for him to send photos without blowing his satellite minute budget uploading big files. His first photo just came through.. it’s a little small, but check it out:

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  1. Matt’s effort is such an amazing and exciting thing to follow and in a small way share with him. This should be a television show.

  2. Good Work Matt! We are proud of your accomplishment! We pray for continued good progress. We miss you at the Marina!!!! Stay safe!!!!

  3. WoW – Outstanding ! Matt is now in ” his true element” – Yes !?
    I am in your corner, Matt. And betting on your success during your conquest of the NW-Passage. Roald Amundsen’s spirit is with You. Kind regards, that other Norwegian; Tore.

  4. Matt,
    I met you at one of your talks, the one at the real estate office on Bestgate Road. Sorry I was not able to see you off by sailing down the Bay for a while. I have been way too busy. I have been following all your posts the way I followed Jessica Watson around the world. What a fantastic adventure your having! All the best.

  5. Let us all donate something. Matt doesn’t need to worry about his phone minutes. Look what he is giving to us.!!
    Great going my friend…

  6. Thanks for the amazing photo, Matt. Best of luck as you leave the grumpy old man, otherwise known as the Labrador Sea, in your wake.

  7. Hiya Matt,

    Thumbs up! Fabulous pic of the icebergs …HUGE as mountains!
    So excited to get a pic from your voyage.

    You are tracking beautifully along the coast of Greenland and I am wondering how you are managing rest now that you are in iceberg country.

    I will celebrate your turn west towards Baffin Bay with great delight!

    Annapolis, MD

  8. The photo is awesome !!! But I agree with Helen. I watch you everyday — as do many of my friends. By now we’re are ALL wondering how you manage to get ANY rest. So we just keep hoping & praying that you are able to grab those “power naps” and, somehow, they’re enough. Your followers & fan base continues to grow. So many are routing you on. I also think this belongs on TV — more exciting than “Deadliest Catch” as far as I’m concerned. May the good winds you need continue to blow. God is watching over you. Our prayers for your safety & success continue. Sending warm dry hugs & lots of love !!!

  9. Very cool, Matt! It was exciting to see the iceberg and think of how far you’ve gone so quickly, in the middle of summer, into a whole different world – right here on earth!

  10. Awesome photo Matt! I have been following you every day and imagining you sailing past icebergs the size of mountains – what an inspiring sight but I have also been wondering how you are getting any sleep? Looking forward to your book or documentary (or both!) as this is right out there adventure, great going Matt.

    Annie (Australia).

  11. Watching every day …
    Just great to be allowed to ‘tag along’…behind your courageous attempt!

    As an ‘old guy’ who has discovered sailing late…
    If we are reincarnated,
    I hope I am reborn with one tiny memory reborn with me,
    & that is to discover sailing when I am very-very young!!

    What an amazing world within a world !

    Good Luck Matt !!

  12. Hey Matty its your favorite cusin I just want you to know I and sooo proud of you for going on this amazing adventure. I also want you to know that I am super inspired to do something like that!!! But the most important thing you need to know is when you get back you gotta come visit ERS I miss you abunch and kinda want to be able to brag that my cus is a beast….but I love you and hope all is well!!!all my best

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