60 North

Crossing 60 degrees is a good accomplishment. I’m now at the same latitude as the Shetland islands north of Scotland. Inside the boat, the temperature is around 48 degrees (9c) and outside its in the mid to low 40s (8-7c). I’d rather be dealing with these temperatures then spending another summer living on a crazy hot sailboat sweating my brains out in Annapolis. I’m much better with the cold then I am the heat. Then again I’m a red head and the summer sun does not play nicely with my super white skin. After my last blog I had two more days of northerlies. It was only blowing 20-25kts so although its still uncomfortable its not nearly as wet as a gale. I’ve never sailed somewhere where the wind direction changes everything. When I talk about it blowing out of the north its not just the north winds – it also brings with it grey featureless skies and sideways rain. The inside of the boat starts dripping like a damp cave. When it blows out of the south, it brings blue skies and the air becomes drier. After two more days of beating into the wind I finally started to get southerlies. Sunlight is something I took for granted, but not any more. The next day was sunshine and following seas (southerlies), and I couldn’t of been happier. Yesterday was mostly think with fog, but today is nice.
I need following seas at this point. I have been making good time but I lost days down by Newfoundland so I have no time to dilly dally. I will be cutting it close at the entance to the Northwest Passage. I have to start the passage at exactly the right time or face spending a winter stuck in the ice (no thank you). All in all, though, I’m doing great. I’ve had nothing break in the last few days and I’m adjusting well to the cold. At this point all I can think is NORTH!

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  1. Hi Matt,
    Your mom told us all about your sailing in class. It’s fun to see you out there doing it. My dad says you are tough. I think he is right. I like watching your adventure. Keep having fun.
    Brendon Busker
    Austin, Texas

  2. Matt-
    You are one crazy SOB…and I admire you greatly for it. Please kiss a polar bear for me if you happen to encounter one. And high-five a killer whale too next time one surfaces to check you out. Your adventure has reminded me of my favorite Arctic explorer/adventurer, a Norwegian named Fridtjof Nansen who was also a great humanitarian (he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922).

    May the spirit of Nansen guide you safely on your journey!
    Land-locked Dave in Colorado

  3. Hello Matt,
    The progress these past few days has been great. Over a period of time I developed the opinion that young men today are a little wimpy – your blowing that theory apart.

  4. Should say:

    Hello Matt,
    The progress has been great the last few days. Over a period of time I developed the opinion that young men today are a little wimpy – you are blowing that theory apart.

  5. yo matt,
    I was reading something that Kerouac wrote about burroughs in 1945 and it reminds me of you although I never felt that you and burroughs shared much. He wrote, under the psuedonym Mike Ryko…
    “Will is the cowboy who wears a plain vest and half-Stetson, who is always sitting at a card table in the saloon and withdrawing silently with his money when the hero and the villian start shooting it out.”
    I guess I’ll buy you a beer when I see you

  6. North brother!!! Make up that time when you can! You already know Afroca hot so I can’t say you are missing much. As for your red hair, you know it misses chesapeake summers… Dont lie! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for he rummies on the dock

  7. Matt,
    I am addicted to watching your progress. I check my IPhone every few hours to check on your progress. Looks like most of the ice is behind you. How is the food holding out?

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