I would first like to welcome all who are following this trip. This trip is a fundraiser for C.R.A.B., which is an organization that helps give sailing opportunities to the disabled. You can learn more about it in the “how can I help” section.

Finally heading north again… I haven’t been wasting time over the last four days, I’ve hove-to on one tack, then on the other. I’ve set my parachute sea anchor three times (for pratice) and have been making minor repairs. The line I’m leaving on my web page tracking must look like a two year old with a etch-a-skech.. but thankfully thats behind me now. I did have one interesting day – I was going to pull my parachute sea anchor one morning so I started to motor over to the trip line, I heard the engine make a different noise and saw what looked like smoke was billowing out of my cabin. I shut the engine off and with a flashlight I found my exhaust hose had come undone! It was a easy fix but for a moment I was worried. I’d just completed that task when a block fell off my mast and hit me in the head! I then spent the next few hours working in the rain before retiring to my cabin, wet and frustrated. My frustration was multiplied by the fact that there were good winds for sailing north but I was still waiting for the watermaker (which at that point I felt may never come). The day ended with a “may day” going out on channel 16 – a man had fallen overboard about 50 miles away and they were desperately searching for him. The fog was so thick, it was an impossible task. Listening to this attempted rescue was very sobering and made my petty frustrations seem quite silly.

The watermaker pickup was delayed until wednesday. Thursday it blew a brief gale, but Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day. About a mile from land a boat came out handed me a couple of boxes and off I went. The whole thing was maybe 2 minutes. Don Backe used to sail around Newfoundland back in the 60’s and he’s told me how nice they are – the Newfys gave me a bottle of screech (Newfoundland liquor), some of the best banana bread I’ve ever had, a newspaper and some socks.
I would like to thank Doug Mckenzie and John Earle for your help making things happen on land. So, I’m back on track – although still in the fog. I will be getting into iceberg country soon – in some ways I’m excited at the thought of seeing my first iceberg but I’m sure I’ll see so many that they will quickly lose there appeal.

I hope to send pictures in a slow trickle. Maybe one per blog entrey. The problem is they are big files and its expensive to send them. I’ll see what I can do.

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  1. Matt, I’m curious what you used as a water source for the week you had no watermaker. Did you have stored water? Collect rainwater? Bill

  2. Matt,
    The water maker broke while you were in an area that enabled you to rendezvous and have it replaced. The starter broke but you knew how to fix it. The exhaust pipe broke while you were conscious and alert – not sleeping or nodding of. It seems as if someone is looking after you.

  3. Hi there! I am very excited for you. I am a warm water sailor myself, so i admire your courage. lol Good luck to you! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Remember to stay positive. It is your mind that can be your worst and best friend on a trip like this.


  4. Nice to see your boat speed back up to 4.7 kts. I check in with your blog everyday. Single-handing isn’t the easiest way to go and especially on the course you set. All the best to you.

  5. Matt,
    Good to hear you have water again. Did they manage to find the MOB?
    Pics would be awesome. To decrease filesize, make them grey (B&W) instead of color, and vga size (600×480) and save as jpg. This should give you a filesize of less then 64kb.
    Looking forward.

  6. Glad to see you’re on course again and the water problem resolved. If you have no other water-storage containers, I might suggest you use your emptied (and cleaned) Shelf Reliance cans. They are lined with a ceramic spray that will allow your stored water to remain food-safe. Just a suggestion so you will be prepared in case the same problem should again occurr.
    Wishing you smooth sailing. You’re going great!


  7. Its good to see you are back to making foreword progress. What block fell of the mast?

  8. Hi Matt,
    It’s awesome to read your updated news, it’s a long trip to go but I am sure that you can do it and you can reach your goal. Very proud of you
    Your friends from Morocco
    Best of luck

  9. Matt,
    I’m a total stranger that stumbled upon your adventure at sea on the internet. I have read all your blogs and I’m really stoked about your trip and what you’re accomplishing with it, personally and charitably. I look forward to tracking your progress over the coming months. Tonight as I sit and enjoy a pipe in quiet time, my thoughts will be to you and this noble voyage. Remember, though you be by yourself on the open sea, you are not alone.

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